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It was mainly developed as a system programming language to write an operating system.


The main features of C language include low-level access to memory, a simple set of keywords, and clean style, these features make C language suitable for system programmings like an operating system or compiler development.

Variables and Keywords

A variable in simple terms is a storage place which has some memory allocated to it. Basically, a variable used to store some form of data. Different types of variables require different amounts of memory, and have some specific set of operations which can be applied on them.

Data Type

Each variable in C has an associated data type. Each data type requires different amounts of memory and has some specific operations which can be performed over it.


Operators are the foundation of any programming language. Thus the functionality of C language is incomplete without the use of operators.


A function is a set of statements that take inputs, do some specific computation and produces output.

Array & string

An array in C or C++ is a collection of items stored at contiguous memory locations and elements can be accessed randomly using indices of an array.
Strings are defined as an array of characters.


Pointers store address of variables or a memory location.


A structure is a user defined data type in C/C++. A structure creates a data type that can be used to group items of possibly different types into a single type.

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